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On today's show...

Clapping and cheering my way around the talk show circuit


I had found my people. I was one of them now. I finally discovered them at "The View." They were a group of three retired women from New York City who enjoy attending talk shows. They have the time, love the social interaction, and will take any freebies they can get. They were old pros at the talk show audience circuit and this newbie asked for tips. They said the shows with giveaways are the best and that "The Rachael Ray Show" gives away the best free stuff. Their advice was soon confirmed as word quickly spread among "The View" audience that attendees at "Rachael" that morning had got a free mixer. An incredible gift compared with the measly Howard Schultz book we got from "The View."

I started going to talk shows after finding myself without a job. Most shows are filmed during the workday and tickets are free so it was a perfect way to pass the time. I attended "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan," "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," "The View," and "The Rachael Ray Show." Here's some tips for being an audience member:

  • Arrive early: It may not influence where you sit but it guarantees you will at least get in at all.

  • Prepare to stand outside for an hour or more: Dress for the weather, bring some snacks, and don't expect to have bathrooms readily accessible.

  • Follow the rules: Read the guidelines on your ticket for what to wear and what you can and can't bring into the studio.

  • Read the reviews: Search on TripAdvisor for tips on attending each show. I got some helpful advice about what to expect and how to prepare.

  • Realize your place: You are an unpaid extra that is supposed to clap and cheer and not a paying ticket holder. You may not get a good seat and have to be able to roll with it.

What I enjoyed the most was learning about the behind the scenes of how a show is produced and also the thrill of seeing myself on TV. One of the most common questions I am asked is if Rachael shares the food she cooks with audience members. She doesn't cause of food allergy restrictions. So no free food, no free mixer, but at least it was a free great time!


Me in the audience at "The Rachael Ray Show."

I'm wearing a red shirt and sitting on the aisle.

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